The Tanzania Mainland Revised National Accounts Estimates -Base Year, 2007 (RNAE07) is the fifth in a series of similar reports, the previous ones being for the years 1966, 1976, 1992 and 2001.

The aims of the revision of national accounts estimates was to enhance quality of national accounts of Tanzania Mainland to better portray the economic activities in the country. Also, to facilitates the comparability of Tanzania national accounts estimates with the rest of the World through adopting similar compilation methodologies provided for in the United Nations System of National Accounts (1993 SNA and 2008 SNA).

The analysis of the new GDP estimates is based on the comparability of the 2001 (old) and the 2007 (new) GDP series. However, the main difference between the old and the new GDP series are in regard to the methodology and classification adopted.

The GDP for 2007 at current prices in the new series is TSh. 26,770,432 million while the 2007 GDP in the old series was TSh. 20,948,403. The difference is TSh. 5,822,027 million equivalents to an increase of 27.8 percent

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