2014/15 – 2018/19

Agriculture Statistics Strategic Plan was established as a result of Global Initiatives to improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics which was adopted by the United Nations in 2010. In order to achieve the objectives of the Plan, the following strategic goals were formulated: Strengthening Legal and Institutional Framework and Coordination of Agricultural Statistics System, Developing Human Resource Capacity to meet data production effort, Rationalizing Statistical Operations and processes, improving quality and user relevance of agricultural statistics data, Statistical Infrastructure improved and Physical Infrastructure and Equipment improved.

The specific actions in terms of targets and activities to be undertaken for each strategic goal have been described in the ASSP document and the responsible Institutions for undertaking the actions have been specified in the Logical Framework of the ASSP.

Below is the ASSP current status for various Surveys and Census:

  1. Annual Agricultural Sample Survey (AASS) has been conducted for the agricultural year 2014/15and the report is in process;
  2. Household Budget Survey (HBS) is expected to be conducted in November 2016 for the financial year 2016/17;
  3. National Panel Survey (NPS) wave four (2014/15) is currently on preparation stages to be conducted this year;
  4. On Improving district level data using Small Area Estimation (SAE) in Tanzania Mainland programme, the technical workshop to present theory and practice of the area level approach to SAE has already been done. The programme implementation will run from 1st November 2015 to 31st October 2017; and
  5. Improving the reliability of crop forecasting data project. The implementations started July 2015 and expected to end July 2017.

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