The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Ministry Industry, Trade and Investment;the President’s Office,Regional Administration and Local Government (PO/RALG) and the Office of the Chief Government Statistician, (OCGS), Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources Zanzibar;Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Zanzibar; conducted the Annual Agricultural Sample Survey (AASS) in 2014/15 Agricultural Year.

The survey collected detailed information on area and production for major crops, potentially livestock and fish farming. This is the first survey of its kind conducted in Tanzania using Point Sample Area Frame Methodology, therefore it limits the comparisons with the previous agriculture censuses and surveys data due to different methodologies applied.

The extensive nature of the survey in relation to its scope and coverage is a result of the increasing demand for more timely, accurate estimates of area and production for major crops, livestock and fish farming.

It is expected that, the survey report will provide new insights for planners, policy makers, researchers and others involved in the agricultural sector in order to improve the prevailing conditions faced by agricultural operators in the country.

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