Crime and Traffic Incidents Statistics Report of January to December, 2016 focus on the whole range of offences that have been reported in the period of January to December, 2016. Offences are of two types which are, crime and traffic incidents. Moreover, criminal and traffic incidents are divided into two parts, major and minor. Furthermore, crimes are divided into three categories which are; Offences against Person, Offences Related to Property and Offences against State Security and Public Tranquility. 

From January to December, 2016, a total of 2,850,013 cases of crime and traffic incidents were reported at all Police Stations in the country compared with 1,909,685 cases reported during the same period in 2015. This is an increase of 940,328 cases, which is equivalent to 49.2 percent.

With regard to crime, there has been an increase of 120,071 offences equivalent to 23.1 percent when comparing 639,274 cases which were reported from January to December 2016, with 519,203 cases which were reported in the same period of year 2015. Out of all criminal cases (639,274) reported from January to December, 2016, major cases were 75,487 and minor cases were 563,787, whereas in a similar period of year 2015 major cases were 68,814 and minor cases were 450,389 resulting in an increase of 6,673 major cases equivalent to 9.7 percent and an increase of 113,398 minor cases equivalent to 25.2 percent.

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