The 2010 Tanzania Demographic and Health Survey (TDHS) provided an opportunity to study the micronutrient status of children under age 5 and women age 15-49.

The survey indicates that three-fifths of children (59 percent) have some anaemia, 41 percent of which is due to iron deficiency. Overall, about one-third of children (35 percent) are iron deficient. Among women age 15-49, 41 percent are anaemic, (35 percent of which is due to iron deficiency) and 30 percent are iron deficient.

With regard to iodine, the TDHS indicates that less than half (47 percent) of households in Tanzania use salt that is adequately iodised, based on laboratory testing. Rapid testing at the household gave somewhat higher levels (60 percent). Testing of urinary iodine among women 15-49 shows a median concentration of 160 μg/L. About one-third of women (36 percent) have urinary iodine concentrations below the recommended level, while another one-third (30 percent) have concentrations that are above the recommended level.

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