Difficulty in Seeing was the Most Reported Type of Disability

The results on the type of disability in Tanzania revealed that, difficulty in seeing was the most reported type of disability (1.9 percent), followed by difficulty in walking (1.2 percent) and
difficulty in hearing (1.0 percent). Less than one percent (0.04 percent) of Tanzanians were Albinos. There was no significant difference in the level of disability between Tanzania Mainland
and Tanzania Zanzibar.

Percentage of Persons with Disability by Type – Tanzania, Tanzania Mainland and Tanzania Zanzibar, 2012 Census

7 92217



Number of Persons with Albinism by Region – Tanzania, 2012 Census


8 7b135

Dar es Salaam region had the largest number of persons with albinism (1,637) while Kusini
Unguja had the smallest number (33)