This statistical report that shows the performance of industrial sector is based on an industrial survey that was undertaken jointly by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT); the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS); and the Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI). The statistics presented reflect the contribution of the industrial sector to the economy.

In 2009, the number of large industrial establishments operating on Tanzania Mainland was 733. The highest concentration of these establishments was in Dar es Salaam (378) followed by Arusha (56), Mwanza (35), Tanga (27), Kagera (27), Singida (25) and Kilimanjaro (23).

Of the total number of establishments, 667 (91%) were wholly privately owned while 56 (7.6%) were wholly publicly owned and the remaining 10 (1.4%) establishments were jointly owned. The industrial establishments that were wholly owned by nationals were 577 (78.7%) and those reported to be wholly foreign-owned were 94 (12.8%) while the remaining 62 (8.5%) establishments were under joint venture ownership.

Out of the total 733 industrial establishments in 2009, the majority (686 or 94 percent) were in the manufacturing sector while 38 (5%) were in the energy sector and only 9 (1%) were in the mining sector.

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