This publication of National Accounts of Tanzania Mainland 2007 - 2014 is the first in the series of publications with GDP at constant 2007 prices which provides an overview of the Tanzania
Mainland economy. It contains time series of main aggregates such as economic growth, disposable income, final consumption expenditures, imports and exports and regional GDP estimates at current and constant prices for the period of 2007 to 2014.

The main data sources used in the compilation of the National Accounts estimates include, 2007 Household Budget Survey (HBS); Agriculture Sample Census 2007/08; 2006 Integrated Labour Force Survey (ILFS); 2006 Non-Profit Institutions Serving Household Survey; Annual Survey of Industrial Production 2007 and 2008; 2006 Foreign Direct Investment Survey and the 2012 Population and Housing Census. Secondary information was extracted from administrative records which include information on import and export of goods and services, Government Finance Statistics (GFS) and Value Added Tax (VAT) collections. Data from specific studies such as Trade and Transport Margins were also used.


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