The input-output table (I-O table) for Tanzania Mainland base year 2007 was compiled based on the 2007 Supply and Use Tables (SUT) which provides the framework for estimating GDP by both the production and expenditure accounts of the economy using the rebased and benchmarked National Accounts.

The I-O table for 2007 provides a symmetric framework, based on the SUT from which the direct and indirect coefficients can be constructed. It provides an overview of the economy focusing on the inter-relations between industries, represented by a symmetric matrix which contains both supply and use data.

The I-O table is now developed to complement the existing Supply and Use tables 2007 and to provide a more complete representation of National Accounts data. The latest IOT that Tanzania mainland constructed was of 1992. The table has, thus, been overtaken by both time and events, hence, does not fully reflect the recent development in the country. It was, therefore, imperative to construct a new IOT. The newly developed IOT can further be applied in planning, forecasting and/or projecting sectoral productions/supply and demand in Tanzania Mainland. Unlike the 1992 IOT, the 2007 IOT is developed based on the SUTs for the first time.

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