GDP at current prices for 2015 in the base year 2015 was Tanzania Shillings 94.3 trillion while GDP at current prices for 2015 in the base year 2007 was Tanzanian Shillings 90.8 trillion.

In the 2015 base year, the share of the Industry and Construction to overall GDP in 2017 was 25.1 percent compared to 24.86 percent in 2016. Share of the Agriculture, forestry and livestock also increased from 27.4 percent in 2016 to 28.7 percent in 2017.

The revised quarterly GDP base year 2015 revealed that in 2018 the highest growth rate of 7.1 percent was recorded in the first quarter (January – March 2018), 6.3 percent in the second quarter (April – June 2018) and the third quarter (July – September 2018) was 6.8 percent. The quarterly average growth for a period of January – September 2018 was 6.8 percent.  The Fourth quarter results will be released in March 2019 (90 days after the release of the third quarter).

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