Socio-Economic Atlas of Tanzania - Census 2012

Depicting the National Population and Housing Census by Regions 


Since in 2012 during Population and Housing Census, Tanzania had a total of 30 Regions of which 25 regions are of Tanzania Mainland and 5 regions are of Zanzibar; all are committed to sustainable and equitable development. This atlas is designed to serve both National and Regional level of governance by displaying information at scales equitable to either of them, thereby promoting informed decision-making and planning. At the same time, atlas aims to enhance the knowledge of Tanzania citizens and the broader public regarding the diversity of situations and developments in this fascinating country.

The atlas mainly depicts the results of 2012 National Population and Housing Census (PHC). 

Section A: Geography

Section B: Population Distribution 

 Section C: Demography

Section D: Households, housing conditions, household amenities and assets    


Section E: Migration and Urbanization

 Section F: Education and Literacy

Section H: Agriculture and Livestock

 Section I: Hydrology and Transportation