For the first time NBS Publishes Report on

Tax and Government Finance Statistics

2000/01 - 2011/12

Reports on income tax statistics was produced for the first time by the then Department of Statistics in 1970. The need for investing in production of tax statistics after the establishment of Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) in 1996 aimed at improving tax administration in Tanzania. This was strengthened by efforts made by the Government to inform and educate Taxpayers and the public in general on the tax structure and its administration. This was done in order to raise the level of voluntary tax compliance and to improve the quality of services to the current and potential Taxpayers and other stakeholders.

The current need of Official Statistics on taxes has necessitated the NBS in collaboration with Tanzania Revenue Authority engage in collection, compilation and processing, analyzing and disseminating tax statistics in the country. NBS therefore ensures all fundamental standards on official tax statistics are maintained in line with the United Nation’s compilation methodologies and guidelines.

The report reveals that, tax revenue collection has been steadily increasing between 2000/01 and 2011/ 12 fiscal years. Revenue collection increased from TZS861.3 billion in 2000/01 to TZS 2,038.2 billion in 2005/06 and reached TZS 6,668.6 billion in 2011/12. On the other hand, Government finance (tax and non-tax) increased from TZS 1,390.5 billion in 2000/01 to TZS 3,837.2 billion in 2005/06 before reaching TZS 10,892.3 billion in 2011/12.

We welcome your comments and any further requirements to be included in the next series of this publication. The next report will cover statistics up 2013/14.

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