Report on income tax statistics was produced for the first time by the then Department of Statistics in 1970. The current need for Official Statistics on taxes has necessitated the NBS in collaboration with Tanzania Revenue Authority and the Ministry of Finance engage in production of tax statistics for use by tax stakeholders and others. NBS therefore ensures all fundamental standards on official tax statistics are maintained in line with the United Nation’s compilation methodologies and guidelines.

The production of this document fulfills one of the core functions of the NBS of making statistics available to the general public and other stakeholders. The aim of this publication is to illustrate the Government’s economic performance in terms of tax collections from various sources in the economy for the 2002/03 to 2013/14 period. This publication contains various statistical tables and figures to illustrate the government performance on tax revenue and the government finance.

The report reveals that, there was increase in revenue collection from 2002/03 – 2013/14 fiscal years. Total tax revenue   increased from TZS 1,144.3 billion in 2002/03 to TZS 2,617.9 billion in 2006/07 before reaching TZS 9,880.1 billion in 2013/14. However, variations in percentage increase have been observed during the period. The highest percentage increase of 32.3 percent of total tax revenue was observed in 2007/08 and the worst year was 2009/10 in which an increase of 9.8 percent was observed.