Tanzania National Workshop on SDG Data Roadmap, 12 – 13 August, 2016

The Roadmap workshop was conducted on 12 – 13th august 2016.

It was a forum where by representatives of major stakeholder groups started working more closely toward SDG monitoring. The Key objectives for the workshop were:

  1. Create awareness among Tanzanians about SDG ( including key government officials, CSO and private sector) and the roles different parties can play.
  2. Overlay the SDG indicators with the 5-year development plan (2016/17 – 2020/21) indicators, to establish concurrent monitoring for both programming tools. This will align national priorities and Vision 2025 plans with the 2030 SDG goals.
  3. Localize SDGs in the national five year development plans, such that plans may b aligned at the sub-national level to execute Vision 2025
  4. Understand and mapping of the data ecosystem, including capacity and budget aspects, and possible sources of support.
  5. Define early wins, short and medium term actions and deliverables for moving the data roadmap process forward so that contributes to achieving and monitoring progress on sustainable development.

The banner below was used during the Workshop. 

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