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Statistics Korea-the national statistical body of Republic of Korea-and National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) have agreed to establish cooperation to further enhance production of quality statistics in the country.

This was revealed at the end of a four-day visit of Statistics Korea delegation which was in the country at the invitation of NBS.

Under the cooperation, Statistics Korea is expected to provide NBS with technical support worth of USD three millions to be used in statistical capacity building on small area estimation, population projection and data visualization; developing data base and service assistance. The three years program which is scheduled to start next year will also provide technical support in area of Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

Speaking at the end of their visit, head of Korean delegation Mr. Seong Kido who is also head of International Statistical Cooperation Division, said they were impressed by NBS performance in producing statistics with   few permanent staff compared with other national statistics bodies like Statistics Korea.

“Tanzania is a big country compared to Korea, population wise, we are almost the same but Statistics Korea have more than 3,000 staffs while NBS have very few but you are managing to produce a good number of statistics” noted Mr. Kido.

Mr. Kido said Statistics Korea was happy to establish relations with NBS and thanked NBS director general Dr. Albina Chuwa and management of NBS for their warm welcome.

“Our mission was to establish close relations with NBS and as we have all seen, during the last four days, we have been together and learn  a lot about NBS and today we are here concluding our mission with good results” Mr. Kido.

 On his part, NBS, Director of Statistics Operations Mr. Irenius Ruyobya, on behalf of NBS’s Director General thanked Statistics Korea for its readiness to support NBS and their visit was the beginning of a long lasting relationship between the two institutions.

Meanwhile, NBS Director General Dr. Albina Chuwa has said that the visit of Statistics Korea delegation had come at an opportune time as cooperation among statistical institutions was becoming more important than ever before.

Welcoming the Korean delegation at NBS offices along Kivukoni Front recently, Dr. Chuwa said that cooperation between the two national statistical bodies was a continuation and manifestation of good bilateral relations existing between Governments of United Republic of Tanzania and Republic of Korea.

“We are happy to welcome you in Tanzania in general and at NBS in particular. We look forward to a better working cooperation for the benefit of our two institutions and indeed for our two countries” NBS boss said.

Dr. Chuwa noted that NBS has a lot to learn from Statistics Korea and partnership between the two institutions was very important in enhancing production of quality statistics in the country.

At NBS, Statistics Korean delegation had the opportunity to discuss and exchange experience with NBS staff from various departments including that of Statistics Operation; Geographical Information System; Information Technology; and Directorate of Population and Social Statistics.

It also visited various departments including departments of Statistics Operations; Geographical Information System; Information Technology; and Directorate of Population and Social Statistics. The delegation also visited NBS regional office at Kibaha, coast region.