The peer reviewers learned about major 14 achievements recorded by the main actors of the NSS since the last peer review conducted in 2007. These 14 achievements are: (a) increased advocacy for statistics through the concerted preparation and the implementation of the Tanzania Statistical Master Plan (TSMP); (b) the adoption of the new statistics act of 2015 that is specific about the NSS and related coordination powers as vested in the NBS; (c) the effective and structured coordination of the National Statistical System; (d) the good working relationships between NBS and development partners; (e) the inclusiveness of the TSMP; (f) the alignment of sector strategies to the Tanzania Statistics Master Plan; (g) the implementation of the TSMP through annual workplans; (h) the increased volume and quality of statistical products; (i) the significant increase of awareness among users; (j) the improvement of dissemination through a new and updated website that is available in Swahili and English; (k) the setting up of a national data centre; (l) the cordial working relationship established between the media and NBS; (m) the widespread recognition of the TSMP as an effective platform and tool for resource mobilisation and reallocation; and (n) NBS leadership role.

Eight (8) major challenges were identified and a falling on these areas: Governance of the NSS, Organizational restructuring and HR policy reform in NBS, Funding issue, Physical infrastructure, Beyond TSMP horizon, Implications of Data Revolution and readiness for SDG requirements, Selected data collection challenges, Assuring Quality Statistical Outputs.

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