All industry (overall index) recorded an increase from 114.4 for the first Quarter (January-March 2016) to 118.8 in second Quarter (April-June 2016). The main activities that lead to the increase in price for the second Quarter of year 2016 as shown in Table 2 were other mining and quarrying 22.5 percent; mining of metal ores recorded an increase of 14.4 and Manufacture of tobacco products 11.1 percent. The price of metal ores is largely determined by world market, but specifically higher increase in price of Mining of metal ores for (April-June quarter 2016) were due to high quality of metal ores extracted during the reference Quarter.

 On the other hand, the fall in price of other non-metallic mineral products (1.2) percent were associated with the decrease in price of raw materials while the fall in  price of textile (0.6) percent were associated with the low price of imported textile associated products from outside of Tanzania.

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