The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) hereby releases the results of the 2014 ILFS. The 2014 ILFS was implemented on behalf of the Government by the NBS in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and Employment, with technical and financial assistances of ILO, World Bank and other stakeholders. The main objective of the survey was to provide up-to-date data needed by the Government and other stakeholders on human economic activities, and particularly those related to the informal sector, unemployment, and underemployment, child labour and time use.


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Population Projections

Population Projections for the Period of 2013 to 2035 at National Level

Population projections for the period of 2013 to 2035 at National level, Tanzania Mainland and Tanzania Zanzibar. The report gives fertility, mortality, migration and HIV/AIDS assumptions used, and presents demographic and socio-economic future trends for Tanzania, Tanzania Mainland and Tanzania Zanzibar. The results include estimated total population by sex in single years and five-year age groups as well as the summary of demographic indicators. 


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Key Indicators

In Tanzania
Revised Quartely GDP, Base Year 2015:

Quarter 1 GDP, 2018=7.1%,
Quarter 2 GDP, 2018=6.3%,
Quarter 3 GDP, 2018=6.8%,
Quarter 4 GDP, 2018 ,
to be released in the end of March,2019.