Third Quarter Gross Domestic Product (July - September) 2014

The National Bureau of Statistics is responsible for the compilation and dissemination of Official Statistics in the country, including Quarterly Gross Domestic Product Estimates (QGDP). Quarterly Gross Domestic Product is measured as a value of goods and services produced by resident producers in three months period of January – March, April – June, July – September and October - December. In the compilation of QGDP estimates, all economic activities are covered. The estimates are used for short term economic planning, monitoring and policy formulation.

The third quarter GDP estimates (July – September 2014) at current and constant price released on 26th February 2014 is the first quarterly release in the revised GDP series based on, the 2007 base year.

Gross Domestic Product at current prices during the third quarter of 2014 in absolute terms is TZS 21.2 trillion compared to TZS 19.8 trillion recorded in the corresponding period in 2013.

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