Delays in releasing of Statistical Publications


Release calendar is a statement on the schedule of release of publications in a specified time.  It provides a general statement on the schedule of release of data, which is publicly disseminated to so as to provide prior notice of the precise release dates to stakeholders on which the National Bureau of Statistics &  and other Ministries  Departments and Agencies  intend to release specified statistical information to the public.

According to the fourth quarter release calendar of July-September, 2014 8 reports/ publications were planned to be released. Five (5) were released as planned and Three (3) reports were delayed.

NSS Release Calendar –Tanzania Mainland 2014/15 Quarterly (July-September) Report.
S/N Description Date of release Title



Frequency Implementation Status Remarks
1. Survey Report 30-August-2014 HBS main report,2011/12 DSOD 5years The Survey report was posted on the NBS Website on 30th September, 2014. The Survey Report was delayed due to the unexpected workload of data cleaning of the 2007 HBS dataset and use of Backward methodology which required agreed assumptions before using it.
2. Annual Work Plan 2014/15


TSMP Annual Work Plan-2014/15 TSMP-CT Annual The TSMP Annual Work Plan 2014/15 was approved on 3rd September, 2014  by  Joint TSMP Steering Committee(JTSC) with some conditions to be fulfilled before posted to the NBS Website. The TSMP Annual Work Plan 2014/15 expected to be released by 30th October, 2014.
3. Statistical Release 30-September-2014


Livestock,Fisheries and Forestry)


DSOD&OCGS 5 years Not yet released as planned due to delays in TSMP budget finalization processes. Expected to be released by 30th November, 2014.