NSS - Release Calendar - Tanzania Mainland 2013 - 2014

An Annual Release Calendar is a statement on the schedule of release of publications in a specified year. It provides a general statement on the schedule of release of data, which is publicly disseminated to so as to provide prior notice of the precise release dates to stakeholders on which the National Bureau of Statistics & Office of Chief Government Statistician and other ministries intend to release specified statistical information to the public. Among the variables in the release calendar are planed dates of release, title of the publication and periodicity of release. The release calendar is intended to facilitate as a guiding tool that informs stakeholders (both producers and users of statistics) when a specified publication is expected to be out and therefore to timeliness control. The calendar will increase transparency to the public and will be published in the NBS & OCGS websites. It is also one of the requirements of the IMF's Special Data Dissemination Standards (SDDS)

Click Here for NSS RELEASE CALENDAR - Tanzania Mainland 2013-2014