Clarifications  on the Amendments of  the Statistics Act 2015

The Statistics Act No.9 of 2015 was enacted in order to establish and coordinate the National Statistical System (NSS) in Tanzania. The Statisctics Act 2015 has been amended through “The Written Laws Miscellaneous Amendments Act No. 3 of 2018”. These amendments are meant to provide for coordination of dissemination of statistical information in order to avoid conflicting statistics within National Statistical System. They are not intended to prohibit public debate of policy and its outcomes or interfere with articles of the Constitution such as freedom of expression. Through these amendments, conducting individual surveys and researches are also not prohibited. Generally, these amendments are intended to lay down procedures to be followed within the National Statistical System in the process of producing official statistics and "publication/dissemination" of statistical information.

In this regard, these amendments do not affect the level of transparency neither do they contradict the provisions of the Constitution or “The Access to Information Act of 2016”. However, the law criminalizes the intentional distortion or discrediting of official statistics.

Therefore, following these amendments, the Statistics Regulations of 2017 will be amended in order to accommodate and make clarification on the implementation of the amendments to all users and producers of both official statistics and statistical information.

Lastly, our Development Partners and all stakeholders are invited to continue working with NBS in different aspects including provision of Technical Assistance. Moreover, the process has been initiated for amending the Statistics Regulation of 2017 to suit the amendments in the Act. Therefore, in the course of preparations of these Regulations our stakeholders will be invited for comments. In addition to that, NBS will continue educating the public on the importance of these amendments.