This report presents official Quarterly Gross Domestic Product (QGDP) estimates for Tanzania Mainland. The QGDP estimates do facilitate frequent and appropriate policy interventions through the provision of reliable and timely reports on recent short term economic development. The current QGDP estimates are subject to revision when necessary using the revised data from the field.

In the report, the real growth rates are measured as percentage changes of QGDP for the current year as compared to the QGDP for the previous year. The real growth rate for the third quarter of the year 2012 is therefore the percentage change between the QGDP for the third quarter of the year 2011 and the QGDP for the third quarter of the year 2012.

The real Gross Domestic Product at market price is estimated to have increased at a growth rate of 6.5 percent in the third quarter, 2012 compared to a growth rate of 5.9 percent in the third quarter of 2011

In absolute terms, the QGDP for the quarter under review was 5,512,941 million shillings for the year 2012 compared to 5,176,704 million shillings in 2011

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