This report is the main source of information on the distribution of employment and earnings, newly recruited workers, job vacancies and number of employees in the formal sector of employment at regional level. It is expected that it will provide new insights for planners, policy makers, researchers and others dealing with employment and related issues in the country.

The findings show that the total number of employees in the formal sector in Tanzania Mainland was 2,141,351 in 2014; this is an increase of 282,382 employees from 1,858,969 recorded in 2013. The majority of employees were employed in the private sector (1,432,985 private and 708,366 public). Adult male employees accounted for 64.7 percent of total adult employees as compared to adult female employees who were about one third (35.3%) of total adult employees in 2014. The results further show that 61.1 percent of total youth aged between 15 and 24 yearswere employed in the private sector in 2014. Persons with disability were 0.2 percent of total regular employees in 2014.

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