The Tanzania Investment Report 2013

Findings from the survey reveal that Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) remained a dominant type of financing of foreign private investment and its inflows grew sharply by 46.4 percent in 2012 to USD 1,799.6 million. The increase was notable particularly in share capital and reinvested earnings which, together accounted for the total FDI inflows for the year. Loans from related parties which form part of FDI inflows recorded net outflows of USD 17.8 million during the year.

during 2012, FDI inflows were fully financed by shareholders funds mostly retained earnings. The share of retained earnings in the total inflows during 2011 was 100 percent but it fell by half in 2012 following increase in equity as source of financing of the inflows.

FDI inflows to electricity and gas activity tripled as it received USD 618.3 million compared to the amount received in 2011 following increased oil and gas exploration activities in the country.

The survey findings indicated that the agricultural activities received less than half the amount received in 2011 despite its significant contribution to GDP.

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