2014/15 Tax and Government Finance Statistics Report

Tax and Government Finance Statistics Report is prepared by NBS and released annually. NBS collaborates with Tanzania Revenue Authority and the Ministry of Finance and Planning in compiling and harmonizing tax data in the process of production of this report.  This report is for the financial year ended June 2015.

Government revenue comprises of tax and non-tax revenue collected from internal and external sources. There was a general increase of 3.9 percent of total government revenues between 2013/14 and 2014/15 financial years. Revenues increased from TZS billion 14,222.5 in 2013/14 to TZS billion 14,784.3 in 2014/15. The highest change in collection was observed in 2007/08 with an increase of 34.2 percent from TZS billion 4,458.1 to TZS billion 5,982.8. From year 2010/11 to 2014/15 internal revenue has been contributing twice or more of what external revenue contributed to total government finance. However, a decreasing trend in the share of external revenue to total government finances is a sign of improvement of economic growth. The share of external revenue was highest in 2004/05 with 46.2 percent, followed by 44.6 percent in 2005/06 and 43.0 percent in 2003/04.

Generally, there was an annual increase in tax revenue collection from 2002/03 – 2013/14 fiscal years. Total tax revenue increased from TZS 1,385.1 billion in 2002/03 to TZS 2,617.9 billion in 2006/07 before reaching TZS 9,880.1billion in 2013/14. However, variations in percentage increase have been observed during the period. The highest 32.3 percent increase of total tax revenue was recorded in 2007/08 while the lowest increase of 9.8 percent was recorded in the year 2009/10. During the period under review, total direct taxes increased from TZS 312.4 billion in 2002/03 to TZS 853.5 billion in 2006/06 and reached TZS 3,968.3 billion in 2013/14. Out of the total direct taxes collected in 2013/14, TZS 1,626.5 or 41.0 percent was collected through Pay As You Earn (PAYE) followed by corporate taxes (TZS 1,484.0 billion or 37.4 percent) and withholding taxes (TZS 514.6 billion or 13.0 percent).

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