Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania

Ofisi ya Taifa ya Takwimu

Takwimu kwa Maendeleo
Takwimu za Jinsia

The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania and the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar firmly believe that gender is an important dimension of development at all levels of society. For this reason, Tanzania embarked on a Social Institutions and Gender Index (SIGI) country study. This endeavour highlights Tanzania’s commitment to investigate and understand the factors that still constrain women’s empowerment and obstruct gender equality. The results from the SIGI Tanzania country study depict an encouraging situation. Policy, legal and institutional reforms targeting gender equality have contributed to improve the situation, while national and international partners have also played a critical role, notably through gender policy advocacy, awareness and sensitisation efforts across society. Our hope is that the findings from the study and from the present report will continue to inform policy formulation and review in the future, accelerating change towards gender equality and helping to fulfil national and global aspirations for sustainable development for all.